Barcelona Underground Lighting Design

Barcelona Underground Lighting Design from E1D Design Light Studio on Vimeo.

Barcelona underground light design is a graphic document that tries to compile designs, thoughts and ideas of people who experience light from different points of view and who work in Barcelona.

The aim of this compilation is not to judge good and bad lighting designs, but to look into the reasons that motivate people who decide to work on something as intangible as light, to try to acknowledge their challenges, concerns and difficulties.

People who appear in this document are anonymous «underground» designers that do not get support from the industry or from institutions; they simply investigate light in different ways just to satisfy their own curiosity, enhance their life experience and create a greater light culture.

Developed by:
Jose Cardona E1D Design Light Studio SL

In collaboration with:
Jorge Rodriguez

Special thanks
Paolo Portaluri
Belen Carmona
Oriol Marrugat
Isabel Dominguez
Diego Mallo